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Hail Kicketeers!

Lets get started right now with our KiCKeT!-ARENA-World-League (KAWL).

It all begins with our love to the game!

Here we can discuss the league and the rules: FORUM

Here is our first ranking after our first day of games:

WORLD RANKING (26.06.2015)

Temporary Leader:

Dead Ent (Germany)

Send us your team name, coach name, country, city and the results of the games you play against your friends.
Everybody can participate: email

You can download the excel tables of the Club Roster and League table here:

download Club Roster

download League Table

Teams activated:

(all rosters coming up)

Download the blank roster

Dead Ent
70er Meister
Bad Boys
The IceFrog Kicketeers
Die Dämonischen Lehrmeister
Rotten Club
Barnitz Brawlers (new)
Carstens Holy Worriors (new)
1. KAV Fratzengeballer (new)

Bone Crushers



We need your

- Club name

- Country
- State
- City (next huge City in your area)
- Village (or part of city if living in a huge citiy)

- Coach name

- Kicketeers
You can start your team with altered Kicketeers.
The Bone Crushers for example have altered Si-m to save some money in the beginning. The default Si-m figure has the abilities "Sprint (+2)" and "Dribbling (+2). Leah dumped the sprint so her Si-m has level 13 instead of 15. And of course you can name all your Kicketeers as you like. You can change the name whenever you want.



- Cash: Starting fee is 31 bribe (cash)!

- Wage: Before each game you have to pay your team (team level devided by 10, example 28 team level means 2 wage. So be careful with your first Kicketeers you buy: Benwick 15 and Vendy 14 is just fine. Your team level is 29, so you still got 2 bribe cash for paying the wage (29 / 10 = 2) for the first game)

- Bankrupt: If you cant pay the wage, you are bankrupt for that game and your opponent gets the "bankrupt marker" for this game. Once he can use it to mforce you to repeat one of your actions. For example you chot a goal, he can force you to do it again! ;) If both teams are bankrupt, both teams can make the other team repeat one action.

- Prizes: There are no points, just bribe!!! The club with the highest "Club Value" (cash + team level) leads the World League!



Example of a match report from one of the games played to learn about the rules:


"Bad Boys" 0:2 "Rotten Club"

Game Report:
Transfer - The Rotten Club sold their Giant Torturer "Bo", because this game was played on grass and the giant figure can't slide that far over the field without tumbling. And playing with only 2 figures you need him to move and not stay in the goal.
They got Isenbryd as new player, he is a good player for all occasions.

Bribing - Both teams started with good cash but decided not to use any for bribing the game. So it was an unusual fair game for an ARENA game.

Tackling - Rotten Club's Zombie was able to execute a nice tackle that resulted in a goal shot by Isenbryd to score the 0:1.

Bad Boys go down by 2 in the ranking, that is the "Club Value", because they lost 2 cash for this game paying the wage and getting no cash for goals, tackling or level difference.

Rotten Club raised it's Club Value by 10.
Selling Bo (Level 17) for Isenbryd (16), loosing 1 for a transfer, but getting 1 cash for the lower level = +/- 0 cash.
For the game they earned 7 (winning the village game), 2 for the goals, 1 for a tackling, paying 2 wage, getting 2 for level difference (29 minus 26 = 3 but max. the own wage)

Now the Rotten Club jumped to rank 2 in the world league and Bad Boys fell down to rank 6


This is just a quick beginning!

We are working out all the nice designs for that system and these are just the little starting rules. Together with your experiences and questions we complete all the World League rules day by day.

We are working on a league website and also want to give our countries some nice names...

Thanks to Zallinor Calzar for his nice design of his "Barnitz Brawlers"!!! :)