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FAQ (allgemeine Fragen)

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If I want to order more figures, do I order from the KiCKeT! store or is there a store for kickstarter backers?

Yes, you can order new materials from our KiCKeT! shop right now!

You probably have your own ideas for possible new characters, but I'd like to add a vote for a werewolf creature in the future.

Yes, we have a lot of kicketeers ideas already in the pipline and we have the werewolve, but please send us your wishes and ideas. We might give a tribute to you if you have a cool idea we haven't had ourselfs.

Are you planning another kickstarter or will these new kicketeers go straight to your store?

We are planning a new kickstarter soon for the additional Kicketeers: "Chaos ARENA", also with the rules for a 3-4 goals game, multi ball, pure race teams and more Kicketeers and races.