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FAQ (ARENA rules questions)

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Do goalies do the goalie kickoff?
You can choose any figure of your team to do the goalie kickoff, no matter where on the field it stands. There is no designated goalie like in real soccer.

Is it after every goal attempt or only if the ball goes in the net?
You always get a goalie kickoff if your opponent kicks the ball out of bounce over your goal line. If he shoots a goal, there will be a genaral new games kick-off from the center of the field for you.

If it hits the goalie's leg, do you continue play or have a goalie kickoff?
If you touch the ball with your goalie leg while blocking and the ball goes out of bounce, the opponent gets a throw in from the spot or closet to the spot on one side of the goal where the ball went out of bounce.
If you block the ball with your leg and the ball stays inbounce, the game continues.
For example: If you shoot with your first action for your Benwick at the goal and your opponent blocks the shot into the field, you still have your second action to get the ball under control with your second action with Si-m for example. Your opponent's blocking is not an action or part of his or your turn.

What does wound/penalty on the circled ability cards mean?
In the basic game these are all just "mistakes" and the game is set back like it was before this action. These are preparations for the advanced gameplay coming up in the add on "Chaos ARENA".


What are the differences between "foul" and "mistake"?
In the basic rules of ARENA there are only mistakes. A foul is a mistake and the play is reset.
In the upcoming advanced rules we differ "fouls" and "mistakes" and add "penalties" and "injuries". The basic game is already prepared for the advanced rules.

Are there "free kicks" or penalty kicks" in ARENA?
Everything counts as mistake. The turn immediately is over and the game is reset.
Later in the advanced rules their will be penalties. A figure that fouls gets a time penalty like in ice hockey, and has to be put out of the game for one action. More on that in the advanced rules.

Are referee rules coming with the Chaos Arena as well?

Some figures have weapons, some not. What does it mean if it says "Weapon: Yes"
Every Kicketeer be equipped with more abilities than just one (talents, weapons, spells, specials).
But only the ones they are able to use. If it says "Weapon: Yes", you can equip this figure with any weapon.
Figures that have a weapon can't have a talent as well?
You can equip your figure with a weapon, a spell and two talents if you like. But this makes the figure very expensive (high level!), because all the abilities are added to the level.

In the game a figure a figure only can have one ability activated. To change the ability it has to use one action. You are only allowed to change the ability if it is loaded, if it is a "reoad/pick up" ability.