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Rules updates

KiCKeT! - update #3


Direct shot

Every figure is allowed to do ONE action per turn only, exception “direct shot”:
A figure that gets control of a FREE ball with your first action, may directly kick or pass the ball with your second action.
(A little different from the original „Direct shot“ in the addidional rules, the figure has not to be closer than any opponent figure to the FREE ball.
This rule makes the game faster and there are more goal shots.)



Kick-Off, goalie kick-off, throw-in

Before executing your kick-off, goalie kick-off, or throw in, you may push one of your free figures.
You have to throw the ball with one hand over the base of your figure and let the ball leave your hand before the side line.


Hard tackling, tactical foul

For a good game we recommend playing with the additional rules: hard tackling und tactical foul (yellow card by doing a foul with your second action) and skip the rule losing the ball.



We don't play with all the additional rules ourselfs, because it gives us a headache and disrupts the flow of play. The balance between action and tactic has to be right. The basic mechanics of KiCKeT! are pushing, kicking and blocking and are fun at all, with or without all the rules.

The existing rule book will get a huge updated and we send it to you as soon as it is finished. Please write us an email with the request.

Here you find a sample match to better understand the basic flow of the game:


(the „direct shot“ and the „hard tackling“ are not integrated yet!)

If you have any suggestions or questions please sent us an e-mail oder call us:

mail@kicketshop.com - +49(0)2273 8437


We are very thankful that you purchased one of our boxes of this very young game.

You will of coarse have 100% support and please contact us if anything breaks.

all KiCKeN' best,


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