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The game

KiCKeT! is a combination of real soccer, chess, curling and billard...

It is a turn-based game and can be played at a comfy barbecueing, on the beach, in a park, or in a conference room...

You push the wooden figures across the field with the tip of your toe. You pass the ball with your own foot from figur to figure or make a long ball and get it under control with another of your figures. A figure "controlls" the ball if it is nearer than a foot's breadth. You are allways allowed to declare a shot on the goal. Your opponent is then allowed to stand with one leg behind the miniature goal and deflect the ball with his other leg.

The game is made for 2 - 10 persons, depending on the number of figures.

It is fun to kids from the age of 10, but like Chess and billard it is more a game for youth and grown-ups.

The figures are wooden figures and about 24 cm tall, the bases have a diameter of 22 cm and the ball made of synthetic lether has a diameter of 10 cm.
The telescope goals are made of plastic pipes and can be adjusted in seconds, so you can put them in the bag.

Depending on the addons you can play KiCKeT! every where:
Lawn, carpet, sand, tiles, parquet, street, flagged floors, ice and even snow!


Place your figures with targeted pushes in the right position, create offside positions for your opponent, push your player into the box, make a deep forward pass and accomplish your one-two with a shot on the goal!


KiCKeT! - ideal for barbecues - take a swig or a morsel while thinking about your next move, then take a splendid shot at the goal.