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Welt-Liga 2015-2016

Hier könnt ihr Euch mit eurem Team anmelden bzw. Euer bestehendes Team für die Saison aktivieren:

Ich möchte mein Team aktivieren und mitmachen!

Every game counts, no matter when and where. Send us your team name, your country and city and play against your friends.
Nobody is commited to anything. This is an open and free point system where everybody in the world can participate.

For a game you win, you get 3 points. If you play against the same team again (in this season), you get only 1 point for a win.
For a draw you get 1 point. if you draw against the same team again (in this season), you get 0 points.
For a loss you get 0 points.

If you play a tournament, you get points for the number of tournament teams minus your tournament rank (max. 10 minus your rank). For this World-League-Ranking we double these tournament points!  Example: Your Team makes rank 5 in a 8 team tournament. You get 8 - 5 = 3 points for your tournament rank and 6 points for this World-League-Ranking.

Every week you can send us two game results against two different teams or one tournament result of your registered team. Please send a picture of the game, so we have a little proof that you really played a game or tournament. :)

Meet us in our World-League forum...