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Pushing! Kicking! Blocking!

This game is an unique combination of soccer action and soccer taktics, where you actually play the ball and the figures with your foot and block the goal shots with your leg!


You can put the whole game into a bag and take it allong to the beach or park.

KiCKeT! is a game for every occasion and every substrate... lawn, sand, carpet, asphalt, tiles, flagged floors, snow or ice...



What does the media say about KiCKeT!


"...No matter whether it’s Tipp-Kick for the kitchen table, table football in the local bar, or Fifa 13 for Playstation: all the popular football simulations have one thing in common – they are played with hands, not feet. A creative brain from Neu-Bottenbroich wants to change all that. With a revolutionary invention he wants to put the football playing world back on its feet: KiCKeT..." (original German article by Joachim Roehrig)

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Lest weiter... (original Text auf Deutsch im Kölner Stadtanzeiger)


"Action-Strategie für Gartenkicker [...]
...Die Jungs basteln schon seit einigen Jahren an ihrem großen Traum, die ultimative Fussballsimulation zu kreieren. [...] Bei KiCKeT! treffen also Tipp-Kick, FIFA 13, Bundesliga-Manager und echtes Ballgefühl aufeinander." (German article by Libero Doc Abstracto für Tric Trac)

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  1. Bestseller

    1. KiCKeT! - Base socks
      KiCKeT! - Base socks
      2,60 €
      including 19% VAT., plus shipping
    2. KiCKeT! - Asphalt glider
      KiCKeT! - Asphalt glider
      5,50 €
      including 19% VAT., plus shipping
    3. Die DomSpitzen - (DEUTSCH) Köln-Comic,...
      Die DomSpitzen - (DEUTSCH) Köln-Comic, Geschichtsbuch und Sadtführer
      11,00 €
      including 19% VAT., plus shipping (Büchersendung)